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How does your community bank stack up against others? Jeff Gerrish takes a look at the characteristics of a high-performing community bank in an article for Banking Exchange.

The author discusses how a high-performing bank looks in the following areas:

  1. Financial metrics (return on assets and return on equity)
  2. A fully engaged board
  3. CEO leadership
  4. Heavy involvement in the community
  5. A culture of service
  6. A culture of compliance
  7. Business based on relationships
  8. Diversification of income stream
  9. Excellent asset quality
  10. Utilization of franchise players
  11. Well-compensated management employees
  12. Significant employee ownership
  13. Core funding
  14. Knowledge of own strengths

Though the above is not exhaustive, the listed items are certainly key—try comparing your community bank to these characteristics and see how you measure up.

For more details, read the article in full at Banking Exchange.