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Condley and Company’s director of information technology, Chad Smith, was recently featured in the Abilene Reporter News’ Big Country Profile for being the face behind the scenes. The article takes a look at Chad's life and career and details how he keeps team members up-to-date on computer technology and accounting software. It also describes his valuable efforts toward implementing a firm-wide paperless file system. “Smith has been instrumental in Condley’s paperless system, its introduction of an iPhone application for its banking services clients, and the ability of its employees to work from remote locations.”

The article also described what inspired Chad to pursue a career in computers. “He’s been fascinated by computers since the age of 12 when he walked into an electronics store with his mother and saw a video game on a computer.  ‘That started everything,’ Chad remembers. ‘It wasn’t anything more than text on a green screen, but I was blown away by it.’ So he became the proud owner of a Commodore 64, the best-selling single personal computer model of all time.”

Chad has a motto around the firm – “Don’t get mad, call Chad.” On behalf of the entire staff at Condley and Company, L.L.P., we would like to extend a heartfelt “THANK-YOU” to Chad for being the secret weapon that makes tech life easy on all of us.